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how do you get past the part where the mouth is chasing you


love it

very good, the story was creative and very enjoying figuring it out!

just played this game for my gaming channel! had a blast playing, easily one of my favorites on this site... here's the video: 

on the third time I played, I got stuck in the game, and I spoke to everyone there, but nothing happened. So can you please repily and tell me what I did wrong?

great game!!

I accidently somehow glitched out of the map in the forest and is now stuck in between the trees and the border, idk if intentional or...


it was a fun horror-ish game the art style and music was nice


i got stuck in the 3rd game behind the trees <//3
idk how to get out

me to



this game was so fun oh my god 🥺

I saw a few errors in the English text. Would you be willing to send me a script so I can suggest changes?

I can also translate the entire script to Spanish if you'd like to add an extra language.

It's very unlikely that I'll keep an eye on this board, so please contact me at if you'd like to work together.


So, spoiler alert, I was playing the game and decided to replay the mom's room scene. I did not slow down the second time because of a headache, and I could not read the paper with writing. I got stuck in the room. Bug?


Hey, thanks for letting me know, I'll fix this bug as soon as possible. Playing again without replaying "mom's room" level should work fine. 

hello, this game was really really good!! although i have to ask, are there any multiple endings?

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Hey, thank you very much ! Nope, there is only one ending. 

Have a nice day :)